The One🍕Bite App

Find the best slice of pizza using the One Bite app from Barstool Sports. Starting as a video series, Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy has created a cult following of people giving “one bite” pizza reviews by the common man, for the common man. Now you can find all 430+ of Dave’s reviews complete with videos, scores and location. One Bite users can upload their own reviews at any of the 100,000+ restaurants available in the app.

As the lead designer, I participated in the end-to-end design workflow including:

Qualitative Research
Design Strategy
Visual & UX Design
Art Direction
Design Reviews

Design Process

I spent roughly two weeks on qualitative research and competitive analysis. We talked directly to Erika Nardini, Dave Portnoy, and Frankie Borelli (the creators of One Bite), One Bite Fans, and Yelp Elite users. We explored a series of different global architectures and defined an initial scope to begin building the back-end architecture in parallel with the design.

View User Flow Documentation

I spent roughly two weeks exploring design ideas. We landed on two main proposals and tested both options and treatments, I had a chance to present my final designs with our UX and interaction recommendations to the stakeholders and got final sign off and approval to move forward.

View Medium-Fidelity Prototype

Art Direction

Within one week we ultimately landed on an app home screen icon and overall Art Direction that worked well for the key pieces we wanted to tackle -- sign up, discover feed, map view, and a restaurant selected in the map view. The team and I decided to move to a bolder, less Barstool styled, yellow / pizza feel that has helped introduced Portnoy's One Bite content and Barstool Sports to people outside of its rabid "Stoolie" fanbase.


Within its first week in the App Store, One Bite App was downloaded over 175,000 times, rocketed to #50 App in the Entire World and #4 in the Food & Drink App Store ranking charts. And that was just in one month. Users have also placed more than 10,000 delivery orders from the app.

Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports continue to scale the app with ongoing product iteration as well as growth, community and social media marketing via Youtube and Instagram.

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